Euphoric Alcohol-Free is a positive and empowering space to re-evaluate the role of alcohol in your life.

My name is Karolina Rzadkowolska and I'm the founder of Euphoric Alcohol-Free. 

I’m a certified life and transformation coach and teach students how to make alcohol insignificant in their lives. Together we'll find what truly makes you happy and build a vision that's way bigger than a beverage.

I’m obsessed with personal growth, travel, and becoming a better version of myself than I was yesterday.

Hang around me long enough, and you’ll see why not drinking is my secret weapon.

I help otherwise healthy women (and men) transform their relationships with alcohol so they can focus their time and energy on building the life of their dreams.

I used to have a love/hate relationship with alcohol, that made me feel:

  • low and exhausted

  • frustrated, stuck and living my life in a loop

  • like I wasn't living up to my fullest potential

Even though alcohol brought me all this internal stress, I was so torn. “Wouldn’t quitting mark me as an alcoholic? Was I the only one who experienced alcohol this way? Why does no one talk about it?”

But then I took a break from alcohol, discovered the most euphoric lifestyle, and removed all those BS beliefs that didn’t empower me. Since then, I’ve dived deep into personal growth and transformation and am creating a life that’s way bigger than a beverage.

I am euphoric chasing my goals and dreams. Not a buzz. And I think you could be too. I want to show you how to have outpours of gratitude, presence and appreciation, more laughter and fun, amazing sleep and health, deeper connections, and most importantly, love and respect for yourself.

I believe that you can discover this happiness too, without going to AA, wearing a label, or feeling deprived.

Not drinking alcohol is the tipping point to creating the life of my dreams—and I want to share this transformation with you.

I have a Master’s degree in literature and writing and an MBA in social enterprises. Since 2018, I’ve been teaching clients how to transform their relationships with alcohol and discover their happiest selves as a certified life and transformation coach. My work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Greatist, Refinery29, Elite Daily, The Fix, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, and other outlets.

My coaching programs are based on the premise that discovering a happier and more fulfilling life is the best way to institute impactful change. Drinking becomes a side note when you’re busy building the life of your dreams.


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